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Vocal Genie series

Jeannie Gagné’s series The Vocal Genie shares free, expert vocal tips to help you sing your very best. These short, fun and easy-to-understand videos teach you techniques to get the best out of your voice.

As a teacher Jeannie is known for listening closely to each individual student. She is gifted in bringing out the best in each person’s voice and ability. She works with vocalists at all levels, from I-just-do-this-for-fun-and-will-never-perform, to award-winning singers performing in Carnegie Hall or on television finals of “The Voice” and “American Idol”. She also teaches singers how to work with bands and make the music sound “AWESOME!” instead of “that was nice”. Jeannie believes that when you really want to improve your singing, you should love how you’re learning, too!

Interested in studying privately with Jeannie? No problem! Either in person or by Skype, Jeannie teaches students around the world. Visit the lessons page to learn more.

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What students are saying

I would just like to send you: A MASSIVE THANK YOU!! I have learned more in the last half hour watching a couple of your videos than I have ever learned in the past 30 odd years!!!!

~ Stuart Roach, UK

Thank you Jeannie for everything you have taught me. Not only about my voice, but about my confidence and happiness with myself. I GET to be unique from other vocalists, I GET to sing a sound others cannot produce. Your super positive energy is so powerful & I thank you for always coming into class with a smile on your face, causing even the most tired students (me!) to smile back.

~ Berklee Student Sofia Lahr

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My friend and colleague Mark Baxter is a superb teacher who focuses on offering vocal help, resolving vocal issues, and recovering the voice if injured.
My friend and colleague Bob Stoloff is the king of scat singing. You don’t want to miss a workshop in your area.
My colleague Rhiannon is a superb jazz vocalist and teacher of circle singing who offers workshops in beautiful locations such as Hawaii.