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Singing is a powerful form of communication that can energize from within and without. Improvisation is a gateway to self-confidence and self-empowerment. These workshops reveal how to find your inner source of voice and self-expression, uncovering and releasing both individual expression and personal resonance. 

Jeannie also offers workshops with choirs, building upon her extensive experience both leading and singing in choirs.

Designed to maximize vocal quality, blend, style and presentation, this work will nurture your choir members to sing with open, joyful expression, stylistic authenticity, and the combination of relaxation and group connection that makes a choir compelling.

Your organization or group may have a specific need that Jeannie can contour her workshop model to meet. The best way to plan a workshop is to send an email describing your organization, what kind of details would best suit your needs, and your organization’s location. Jeannie will customize her process with you.

Workshops typically last two hours on a weekend afternoon, though depending on where you are located and the needs of your group, this may be modified. Rates are available upon request and are sometimes combined in a package with a concert or worship service.

Workshop topics include:

  • Discovering the voice as the gateway to confidence and self-empowerment.
  • Demystifying improv in jazz and pop.
  • Deep and healthy breathing.
  • Techniques for optimum vocal sound, tone and health.
  • Techniques to avoid vocal strain, whether singing or speaking.
  • Understanding the communication power of your own voice or instrument.
  • Rhythm, especially as it is “embodied” in American contemporary music.

For Corporate Events, please visit the corporate events link for more information.

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Master Classes

Master classes provide one-on-one, personalized feedback for solo singing in a group setting. For a two-hour workshop, up to eight singers will be reviewed, while everyone in attendance benefits from observing the work of each student.

Your group will benefit from Jeannie’s 30-plus years of teaching thousands of students. She brings her expertise in master classes throughout the U.S. and internationally, at colleges, music schools, and with choirs.

Where: Jeannie will travel to your site! You provide transportation and lodging, plus her fee. We recommend scheduling an event for selected singers with an audience in attendance. You choose how you want to charge for your event, how many may attend, and in what venue.


Is your group a chorus? A high school group? A college group? A band? Jeannie Gagné will work with a personalized program for your group, and is available as an Artist in Residence for your school.

Band Workouts

Putting a band together and sounding your very best takes practice and perspective. With extensive experience teaching bands how to maximize performance, arrangements and vocals, Jeannie will work with your group to personalize a practice strategy that will improve your sound and stage presence.

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What students are saying

I’m doing things with my voice that I didn’t know I could! I had struggled for years trying to find my voice through the personal barriers holding me back from becoming a better vocalist.  Jeannie identified my strengths and challenges then personalized an approach that helped me to achieve immediate results. My confidence is soaring! Thanks Jeannie!!

~ Dave Lange, Skype student

This book is incredible. In my forty years working with singers and producing music, this is the most comprehensive work I’ve ever seen.

~ Bernard Drayton, veteran award-winning music producer

Little did I know this class would change how I would perceive music and its role in my life and the lives of others. Music went from something that I did that made myself and others happy, to an almost universal l language that facilitates community and healing. I learned a lot from this class.

~ Brenna Joyce, student


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It’s easy to sign up!  Firstly, email Jeannie to tell her about yourself and set up a time that works for you. Then, return to this site to make payment once your workshop is booked with Jeannie.

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