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We all want to be great at speaking. We want to the most effective presenter we can be, to maximize results, express ourselves clearly, and crystalize our ideas. But when we are blocked from our creativity by feeling awkward or over-stuffed with content, our presentations can lack finesse and effectiveness. Learning to free your ideas and expression can make all the difference.

How can a vocal professional help your company become more creative and innovative? Jeannie Gagné brings years of experience and research to your group, highlighting communication skills and self-expression. By using musical expression and exercises in groups and individually, movement and creative exploration, your group will gain new ways to not only step out of the box, but “throw away the box” to uncover their creative genius.

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Topics are customized for your company’s needs, and can include:

  • Effective speaking
  • Confidence in self-expression
  • Learn to get out of your own way
  • Discover more innovative ways to present your topic, to catch your audience’s attention and interest
  • Learn to be more agile and comfortable during public speaking

Little did I know this class would change how I would perceive music and its role in my life and the lives of others. Music went from something that I did that made myself and others happy, to an almost universal l language that facilitates community and healing. I learned a lot from this class.

~ Brenna Joyce, student

Jeannie is a very well respected vocalist in the world of music who has maintained a beautiful instrument.

~ Lauren Kinhan, New York Voices

A class act. The girl can sing.

~ Music Technology Magazine


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