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Excellent animated video showing how your voice works

This video by High Impact on YouTube is a really great animation showing many of the movements within your larynx, where your vocal folds (cords) are located, and how puffs […]

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Reflections during the holidays

When the holidays roll around many of us reflect on what we do and love. Family, work, hobbies, life choices… many of these important parts of our lives seem to […]

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What do we do if we get sick and have to sing?

It sucks for singers but it’s inevitable: you don’t feel well, but you still have to sing – at an audition, in a class, on a gig. What do you […]

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Why do we love to sing?
Why do we love to sing?

It is an incredible feeling to sing well. Singing affects you wholly, in your body, in your mind, in your emotions, in your sprit. Singing is a form of communication, […]

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What people are saying

I’m doing things with my voice that I didn’t know I could! I had struggled for years trying to find my voice through the personal barriers holding me back from becoming a better vocalist.  Jeannie identified my strengths and challenges then personalized an approach that helped me to achieve immediate results. My confidence is soaring! Thanks Jeannie!!

~ Dave Lange, Skype student

Thank you Jeannie for everything you have taught me. Not only about my voice, but about my confidence and happiness with myself. I GET to be unique from other vocalists, I GET to sing a sound others cannot produce. Your super positive energy is so powerful & I thank you for always coming into class with a smile on your face, causing even the most tired students (me!) to smile back.

~ Berklee Student Sofia Lahr

This book is incredible. In my forty years working with singers and producing music, this is the most comprehensive work I’ve ever seen.

~ Bernard Drayton, veteran award-winning music producer

I would just like to send you: A MASSIVE THANK YOU!! I have learned more in the last half hour watching a couple of your videos than I have ever learned in the past 30 odd years!!!!

~ Stuart Roach, UK

A class act. The girl can sing.

~ Music Technology Magazine