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A world-class vocalist, Jeannie Gagné has sung with Philip Glass, George Duke, opened for Bare Naked Ladies, performed for NBC-TV with comedians Penn and Teller, toured with reggae legend Frankie Paul, and sings on the soundtrack for the feature film “Anima Mundi” (1993).

She has received extensive press coverage such as feature stories on PBS’s All Things Considered and the CBS Evening News. Literally singing with the soundtrack of West Side Story before she learned to speak and writing songs since toddlerhood, Jeannie has always known that music is her life.

Jeannie’s third album “Closer to Bliss,” takes a soul-jazz journey about living and inspiration. Featured on jazz stations around the U.S., this album showcases her unique vocals and eclectic songwriting style. It brings together pop/rock with a little jazz and a little folk for a very contemporary sound that is distinctly Jeannie’s own.

A veteran performer, Jeannie is also co-founder of Berklee College of Music’s Performance Wellness Institute where she is a professor on the voice faculty. She teaches technique and performance in pop/rock, blues, jazz, folk, RnB and classical styles, as well as the science of sound and wellness. She has developed into a rare vocalist and teacher with seemingly limitless styles and chops at her disposal as well as considerable charm on stage.

Some of the remarkable musicians Jeannie has worked with are Phillip Glass, Terri Lynn Carrington, Walter Beasley, Shawn Pelton, Stan Strickland, George Russell Jr., Everett Bradley. Jeannie sings from the depths of her soul with rare skill and passion. Her four-octave range and unique vocal style go from strong blues-influenced soul singing, to lyrical, beautiful and sometimes haunting reflective singing. She performs jazz with equal agility, and is seen frequently in the Boston area and elsewhere. Her pop/rock sound has been compared to Bonnie Raitt, Sarah MacLachlan, and Sheryl Crow.

Jeannie has a way of reaching audiences. People often come away from performances beaming and moved. Incredibly, once a woman who was battling cancer  heard Jeannie sing, and came up to Jeannie to tell her that her song had moved her so much, it would help her as she fought the disease.

This kind of connection with people through music is one of the most important reasons why Jeannie sings and writes music. She says, “That’s the point. Connecting. We are all human, we share the same emotions, anywhere on the globe. Music can reach across language. Anywhere. It moves us, it inspires us. It gets us up dancing, or touches a truth inside. I believe I have a responsibility as an artist to bring my very best to every performance, each and every time. I want every performance to be special.” As a reviewer once said, “Bring this songbird into your life.”

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“What is singing? A better question is, What isn’t it? It’s food for the soul, brain food, emotional release, healing power using your own sound… It is amazing. For all of us. So, Sing!


January 12, 2018

Appearing at Les Zygomates Wine Bar & Bistro, jazz set, 8pm-11:00.

129 South St, Boston, MA 02111

What people are saying

Jeannie is a very well respected vocalist in the world of music who has maintained a beautiful instrument.

~ Lauren Kinhan, New York Voices

A class act. The girl can sing.

~ Music Technology Magazine

This book is incredible. In my forty years working with singers and producing music, this is the most comprehensive work I’ve ever seen.

~ Bernard Drayton, veteran award-winning music producer

I’m doing things with my voice that I didn’t know I could! I had struggled for years trying to find my voice through the personal barriers holding me back from becoming a better vocalist.  Jeannie identified my strengths and challenges then personalized an approach that helped me to achieve immediate results. My confidence is soaring! Thanks Jeannie!!

~ Dave Lange, Skype student

Thank you Jeannie for everything you have taught me. Not only about my voice, but about my confidence and happiness with myself. I GET to be unique from other vocalists, I GET to sing a sound others cannot produce. Your super positive energy is so powerful & I thank you for always coming into class with a smile on your face, causing even the most tired students (me!) to smile back.

~ Berklee Student Sofia Lahr

Little did I know this class would change how I would perceive music and its role in my life and the lives of others. Music went from something that I did that made myself and others happy, to an almost universal l language that facilitates community and healing. I learned a lot from this class.

~ Brenna Joyce, student

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